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Environmental Decommissioning

Decommissioning a facility and property includes removal of hazardous materials and waste;cleaning and removal of equipment; decontamination and remediation; and, termination of environmental operating permits.

Anderson GM Plant before decommissioning Anderson GM Plant after decommissioning
Before - This project consisted of the environmental decommissioning and dismantling of the approximately 2,300,000 square feet of the existing GM manufacturing facility located in Anderson, Indiana. After - The photo shows the brownfield left after the environmental decommissioning of the property. Click here for complete details on this project. Special thanks to Google Maps.

NADC not only has the capability to dismantle a site, they can also decommission a site. The process involves specific steps to correctly complete a facility's environmental decommission:

  • Hazardous material and waste: Once identified, removal and off-site management of hazardous material and petroleum products in necessary; which may include solvents, compressed gas cylinders, water waste treatment chemicals, lubricants and wastewater. This must be accomplished by licensed personnel to ensure that the material is properly over-packed and lab-packed within properly labeled containers, including preparing the manifest for shipment and disposal.

  • Equipment: Equipment that cannot be re-used, is typically cleaned and shipped to another facility or sold. This type of equipment usually includes the components of water and wastewater pretreatment systems, process piping, and industry-specialized equipment. Decontamination involves removing, purging, and proper disposal of liquids, solids and gases contained in equipment and the rinsing or high pressure washing of the equipment with water and detergent. When required, NADC completes chemical analysis of any wipe samples taken from washed equipment to document that residual hazardous substances have been removed.

  • Decontamination and remediation: Any remaining intact building surfaces (floors, walls, and ceilings) that may be contaminated and require decontamination must be identified. Typically this includes maintenance rooms, water and wastewater treatment areas, chemical storage rooms, hazardous waste storage rooms, flammable storage rooms, manufacturing areas, and other locations that had been subject to spills. If the facility is going to brownfield, NADC will take the necessary steps to comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations for environmental cleanup.

  • Termination of environmental operating permits: NADC will assist in preparing the Notice of Permit Termination to the appropriate regulatory authorities. Permits to terminate include: RCRA hazardous waste generator identification, air emission permit, industrial sewer use permit, NPDES point source and storm water discharge permit, flammable storage permit, and other possible permits based on the type of facility being decommissioned.

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Berlin, NH before redevelopment Berlin, NH after redevelopment
Before -The project in Berlin, New Hampshire consisted of dismantling an existing paper pulp mill composed of 85 separate structures totaling 600,000 square feet located over 120 acres. The power plant was left intact for future redevelopment. After - The photo, from ground view, shows the redeveloped power plant which is being redeveloped into a biomass power plant. Click here for complete details on this project. See below for related industry articles.

Property Redevelopment

Abandoned or under utilized industrial properties known as “brownfield sites” can
become clean, productive and profitable again with informed remediation and redevelopment strategies.

It is important to have multidisciplinary qualifications when redeveloping aging or abandoned industrial property or facilities. North American Dismantling has the necessary disciplines for the environmental, water, energy, infrastructure and comprehensive design and construction services required to successfully develop such properties.

Our experts are prepared to address the contamination, demolition, site logistics and other related challenges that can make redevelopment difficult. NADC's approach offers a creative and intelligence approach, including the proven field experience to restore these sites to sustainable applications that will benefit society and protect the environment.

Our property redevelopment support services include:

  • Architectural design and site design

  • Facility decontamination and demolition

  • Project development consulting and feasibility assessment

  • Project planning and permitting

  • Program management and construction management

  • Property due diligence, site investigation and remediation

  • Sustainability assessment and design

Our approach is that of building consensus to produce results. NADC believes that involvement of the stakeholder is vital to the success of redevelopment projects that may have complex environmental, regulatory or logistical challenges.

North American Dismantling has a successful track record, the following articles offer examples of recent redevelopment projects:

From Paper to Power - Pulp Mill is transformed into a biomass power plant

Shuttered GM Plant - renovation for a new industrial development

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NADC also offers Asset Recovery services - Click here for more details.

Property for Sale

From time-to-time NADC has property available for sale. Current listings can be found at the Property & Equipment Sales link.




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