NADC Brings Efficient Demolition to Various States

North American Dismantling Brings Efficient Demolition to Various States

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, North American Dismantling Corp., in Lapeer, Michigan, travels across the country to remove structures, accepting the challenging projects that require expertise.

“The company is on a tremendous upswing,” says Tim Seagraves, Marketing Director North American Dismantling. “We are going to grow, and it’s unlimited where we can go.”

The company has built a reputation as an efficient, safe, and economical demolition firm, using the newest equipment to bring down the most difficult selective and total demolition jobs. It currently has two powerhouse projects, one in Brilliant, Ohio, and another in Denver, Colorado. It also is demolishing an old plastics plant in Washington, West Virginia. “If the job is big enough, we will travel there,” says Marty Radelt, Purchasing Director of North American Dismantling.

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