Detail and Determination Safely Bring Down a Dozen Buildings in Las Vegas Casino Complex

Deconstruction of more than half a million square feet of commercial and entertainment space on Freemont Street in Las Vegas was accomplished by North American Dismantling Corp. as a subcontractor to Tre Builders. Demoli­tion included various one- to three-story structures, a seven-story parking garage, and north and south office towers, which stood 15 and 14 stories, respectively, to make way for the first new casino resort to be constructed downtown in decades.

The abandoned interiors still housed a multitude of materials, from refrigera­tion and kitchen equipment to carpeting, drapers, and furnishings. The exterior materials ranged from brick to finished concrete to the Gunite screen. The south tower incorporated a metal and concrete facade at the roofline. Structural steel was used throughout. The north tower, with its steel frame and staggered truss system, was a particular challenge.

"We needed to build a workbench for the high-reach equipment to access the towers," says Jerry Decker, project manager with North American Disman­tling. As the structures came down, the materials were segregated and sized for use in constructing the 35-ft-high work­bench for accessing the north tower.

The high-reach equipment was used first to remove the roof, penthouse and four stories of floors between the column lines. Once exposed, a crane with a man basket carried workers to designated elevations for torch cutting and felling. This continued from east to west, bay by bay, until the stairwell at the west end was reached. The west end was then felled in four separate events.

Dust control was a major concern since the buildings were surrounded by crowded streets and casino venues. This led to a deliberate, phased demolition approach. "The Clark County Depart­ment of Air Quality visited the project every day," Decker says. "They were always complimentary of our efforts to control dust and did not issue a single warning or citation." The project required 28,163 man-hours.

Materials from the concrete parking struc­ture were used to construct a 35-ft-high workbench needed for the high-reach equipment to access the towers.

North American Dismantling Clears Denver’s Arapahoe Power Plant

In May of 2015 North American Dismantling began the decommission and demolition of the Arapahoe power plant located in Denver. Xcel Energy with contracted North American Dismantling (NADC) to complete the total dismantlement of the entire Arapahoe power plant consisting of 65 structures, some reaching heights of 6 stories, and a total of 199,577 s.f. located on 50 acres.

In June of 2015 asbestos abatement of insulation and other material as well as lead paint removal was completed leading up environmental cleaning of chemicals, oils, and other contaminates in October of that year. Various storage vessels were emptied, cleaned, and disposed of during this environmental work.

In March of 2016 NADC began actual demolition work on the plant. Consisting of a total of four power-generating units with a peak height of 105 feet, ranging from 50-100 Megawatts equaling a massive 130,000 s.f. NADC demolished all the structures which included the power-generating units, various outbuildings including warehouses, shops, and storage buildings, foundation removal of structures, circulating water tunnels, all underground well & piping systems, Utility disconnects, coal conveyer demolition and employing conventional methods to demolish two of the plant’s concrete smoke stacks was part of this phase of the work.

The most challenging part of this project was the concrete removal. Between cooling tower basins, foundations, and circulating water tunnels, NADC removed, crushed and recycled approximately 24,000 yards of concrete. NADC successfully completed the over two-year project with zero recordable incidents, accidents, or injuries.

The demolition of the Xcel Arapahoe Power Plant took a total of 25 months to complete. with extensive abatement, environmental cleaning, and precise demolition work, North American Dismantling (NADC) was able to complete the project on time and on budget. A once expansive powerplant now sits as a 50-acre greenfield lot, restored to its natural beauty in Denver, Colorado.

Guts Beloit, WI Power Plant for College/Community Recreation Center

North American Dismantling Corp. Guts Beloit, WI Power Plant for College/Community Recreation Center

Michigan-based North American Dismantling Corp. recently stripped out the Blackhawk Power Station in Beloit, WI, so that it can become a new recreation center for Beloit College. The college is an integral part of the community that surrounds it, so the Black Hawk Power Station will be converted into a central gathering space where campus and community members can gather to eat, study, exercise, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

Starting in June of 2017, North American Dismantling Corp. (NADC) began site preparation for the removal of the plant’s Units 3 and 4 boilers and turbines, non-structural steel, coal handling, and precipitators structures, tanks and their associated piping, and the plant’s circulating water intake and discharge systems.

When developing the power plant into the community center, NADC had to protect all the architectural items that will be part of the new building. These included the plant’s roofing, siding, windows, and doors as well as the plant’s Unit 3 coal grinder, the overhead cranes that serviced both boilers, the interior brick veneer façade, and the turbine floor’s ceramic tile.

As with many power plant projects, NADC cleared much of the site in preparation for its new use, removed any process gases and oils remaining in the plant, backfilled any excavations, and decommissioned the plant’s discharge piping and intake tunnels.

NADC Brings Efficient Demolition to Various States

North American Dismantling Brings Efficient Demolition to Various States

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, North American Dismantling Corp., in Lapeer, Michigan, travels across the country to remove structures, accepting the challenging projects that require expertise.

“The company is on a tremendous upswing,” says Tim Seagraves, Marketing Director North American Dismantling. “We are going to grow, and it’s unlimited where we can go.”

The company has built a reputation as an efficient, safe, and economical demolition firm, using the newest equipment to bring down the most difficult selective and total demolition jobs. It currently has two powerhouse projects, one in Brilliant, Ohio, and another in Denver, Colorado. It also is demolishing an old plastics plant in Washington, West Virginia. “If the job is big enough, we will travel there,” says Marty Radelt, Purchasing Director of North American Dismantling.

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Controlled Chaos: A Customers Success Story

Tear it down Strip the metal out. Pulverize the concrete. Shred-it. Shear it. Dice it up and get it out of here. Bring it all down and start over. The idea of a total demolition job may sound haphazard and uncontrolled – but large-scale dismantling firms like North American Dismantling Corp. have moved far beyond the days of just swinging away with a wrecking ball.

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Saginaw Waste Water Treatment Plant Demolition

The Challenge: Safely Dismantle an Old GM Foundry

Lapeer-based demolition company remediates toxins, clears down to the concrete slab.

There is an online physics-based game called Demolition City. The game looks deceptively simple – almost Pac-Man-like – that one guesses it would be a snap for most anyone working at North American Dismantling Corporation (NADC), Lapeer, Mich. Whether the game or real life, the concept is the same: Know where the pivot points are in a structure that can bring it down most efficiently.

Specializing in heavy industrial demolition and strip out, North American Dismantling bids work throughout the United States and Canada. The company boasts expertise in engineering, environmental assessment, remediation, and specialty construction while maintaining its long tradition of being considered an industry leader in demolition.

A current demolition challenge for the company is a massive one-million-square-foot former GM Saginaw Malleable Iron foundry facility located in Saginaw, Mich.

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