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Environmental Impact, Sustainable Demolition & LEED Projects


Our Environmental Impact Statement outlines and reinforces this philosophy.

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Sustainable Demolition

NADC's approach to sustainable demolition includes a greater emphasis on how waste management and recycling can be achieved by best practice implementation of approaches for Materials Resource Efficiency (MRE) associated with demolition activities and with a decision making framework which promotes:

  • Building reuse
  • Deconstruction
  • Product reclamation and reuse
  • Recycling

Our protocol provides indices which allow targets to be set for the above on the basis of area, tonnage, volume, value etc. Other features include:

  • Site waste management plans: demonstrates how our protocol supports local, state and federal compliance
  • Carbon benefits: describes how, through easily avoided haulage movements, these can be estimated easily
  • Checklist to simplify implementation

For a building/infrastructure considered to have reached the end of its useful life, NADC takes a client and project management team through a process which ensures that the priorities of waste management and recycling have been considered and form a part of the decision making process.

The viability of approaches advocated by the waste management plan - in terms of cost impacts/benefits, health and safety, logistics and the potential to deliver wider environmental benefits (waste minimization being the first priority) will be considered when following this process.

We work closely with our client's from the inception of the proposed demolition and/or reconstruction project to assure the most efficient asset recovery plan, as well as a sustainable impact on the environment.

Contact our Sustainable Demolition Team for more information.

LEED Projects

Additionally, NADC has been involved in several LEED projects. It is our goal to become certified to further improve upon the delivery of the so called "green" demolition services sought by many companies today.

The following is a list of LEED projects:

  • Mark Jefferson Science Building - Eastern Michigan
  • Ross School of Business - U of M
  • Kresge - U of M
  • Nestle - Anderson, In
  • MSU Stadium - Renovation/Concrete Replacement
  • MSU Men's Intramural Building
  • Oxford Schools
  • Redford Schools
  • Leonard Schools
  • Dearborn Schools
  • Holly Schools
  • Clarkston Schools