Automotive Facility Retrofit

Facility Retrofit vs. Strip Out

As many manufacturers' missions change, the need to quickly and efficiently re-utilize space is becoming paramount. Facility Retrofit is more than your basic strip-out; it means that in addition to clearing space by removing the old equipment, facility upgrades are made simultaneously.

NADC can work hand-in-hand with other contractors at a site to preserve some elements while demolishing non-structural components, which requires considerable planning and care.

Automotive Facility Retrofit
Automotive Facility Retrofit

The transformation required the comprehensive strip-out of non-structural systems to make room for new machines, conveyors, controls and tooling, as well as the removal of rooftop systems.

A recent project is a prime example of Facility Retrofit. With an eye on self-driving vehicles, a major automotive manufacturer is transforming a one-million-sq-ft automotive paint shop in one of its assembly plants into the company’s first fully dedicated electric vehicle assembly plant for trucks and SUVs.

The job required the complete strip out of the paint and body shop, including the main floor and basement, second-floor conveyors, and associated systems, including the paint mix area, the fan farm, and electrical, mechanical, fire protection, heating, ventilating, and security systems.

Understanding the customer's future needs while coordinating with other contractors allowed the entire project to be completed on time and in a safe manner.


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