When it is no longer feasible to modernize a power plant, decommissioning and dismantling becomes part of a facilities’ life cycle.

Power Plant operators are presented with many challenges when dismantling and decommissioning a power plant. Typical demolition techniques are not feasible as the resulting debris most likely contaminated with toxic residues from years of operation and must be disposed of carefully and properly. Therefore, the level of experience and expertise of the engineers, supervisors and workers involved in the dismantling process is extremely important. 

NADC’s  team of experts assist in the dismantling of your plant throughout the entire process by surveying safety areas and providing a safety plan. Additionally, a complete pre-planning guide is developed and put into practice from the beginning of the dismantling process to the final shutdown.

Understanding the requirements for proper disposal of material used in power plants, mandated disposal timelines and safety standards is also required. We work closely with local, state and Federal agencies to assure proper compliance and disposal.

The following projects highlights these capabilities:

Power Plant Projects: