Praxair Carneys Point Hydrogen Plant

Demolish Praxair site to grade and all associated equipment at Praxair’s Carneys Point, NJ facility, located at DuPont.

Summary of Major Structures NADC removed:

  • Tanks and receivers
  • Electrical building
  • Air Separation Columns
  • Compressors and Turbines
  • Cooling Tower
  • Water Treatment Equipment and Building
  • Office buildings
  • Interconnecting piping, miscellaneous piping, valves, wiring, and instrumentation within site perimeter.

NADC final graded the site with 21AA.

NADC completed this project utilizing a full-time safety Engineer whose role and responsibilities included working with NADC and our subcontractors to provide safety oversight on all work tasks associated with this project.

Praxair Carney’s Point Demolition Project completed with:

  • Zero (0) damage to adjacent buildings or property.
  • Zero (0) Near miss incidents related to NADC personal, County or subcontractors.
  • Zero (0) recordable injuries



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