Salt Conveyor and Enclosure Demolition

The project involved the removal of old salt conveyors at a Cargill salt plant in Hersey, Michigan. The conveyors carried bags of salt overhead from the salt plant to an igloo type storage structure. The bags were then lowered down from an opening in the roof of the igloo to the floor of the igloo. Once inside the igloo the salt bags were loaded onto pallets, strapped down and stacked for eventual loading onto flatbed trailers for delivery to customers.

NADC’s portion of the project involved removing the salt conveyor and salt conveyor enclosure from the slat plant to the igloo. After completing an engineered lift plan seven picks were made including the salt conveyor/conveyor enclosure (2 picks), conveyor support legs (2 picks), steel house structure on top of the igloo (2 picks) and a small section of conveyor inside the opening to the salt plant (1 pick). Once the picks were complete the conveyors and other steel structures were cut up with a shear for recycling. The concrete piers under the conveyor’s legs were hammered down to grade with a concrete hammer on a NADC Bobcat. All the items to be picked were pre-cut by men in manlifts using torches. Once the crane was connected to each section the balance of the steel was cut to allow the crane to lower the pieces to the ground for further processing. The job was completed in six days.


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SAFETY GOALS ACCOMPLISHED: All relevant safety goals were attained on this job. No injuries, no lost time and no near misses. A great deal of care and planning went into completing this job due to weight of the picks and the nearby construction to remain in an operating plant.

Temporary fencing, barricades, signage and construction barrels were used to secure the site and close roads/sidewalks as needed to keep Cargill employees and visitors safe using a Demolition Exclusion Zone. Men in manlifts were trained in the use of the lifts and were tied off at all times. NADC’s Lead in Construction protocol was followed due to the torch cutting of painted steel. Fire watch was done until one hour after the torches were shut off.

As with all our jobs an NADC Safety Manager was on site at all times. Local Cargill plant safety training was completed by all NADC employees and the crane operator and oiler.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The NADC personnel on this project did a great job. This was a very heavy structure in a congested area. Every pick and activity was planned out in advance and communicated to all personnel on site including the Owner. The job went very well and met the Owner’s delivery schedule and safety requirements.