Consumers Energy Company D.E. Karn Plant

Demolition of Units 1 & 2 Primary & Secondary Existing Electrostatic Precipitators, ID Fans, Ductwork and Steel

Work Performed: power plant demolition, percipitator removal

Project Description

This project consisted of removing Units 1 & 2 Primary and Secondary Precipitators, ID Fans and all inlet/outlet ductwork located at the D.E. Karn Plant, 2742 N. Weadock Hwy in Essexville, Michigan. The structures were multi leveled to a maximum height of 125’-0” above grade, totaling 120,000 sf and was constructed of structural steel framing, supporting various pieces of equipment, hoppers, penthouses and other miscellaneous materials.

Worley Parsons contracted North American Dismantling Corp. (NADC) to complete the removal of the structures down to the existing slab including the environmental fly-ash remediation. The demolition included the removal and/or recycling as scrap material; the steel framing, all associated equipment and mechanical, electrical and ancillary equipment including ductwork, fans, piping, conduit, steel guard posts and railings. Major equipment/systems included but was not limited to:

  • Two (2) Primary Electrostatic Precipitators including transformer / rectifier enclosures and associated components;
  • Two (2) Secondary Electrostatic Precipitators including transformer / rectifier enclosures and associated components;
  • Four (4) Induced Draft Fans including the motor, oil filled speed changer and lube oil skids, skid enclosures and all accessories;
  • Flue gas ductwork running between the outlets of the secondary ESP’s and the inlets of the ID Fans including truss systems supporting ducts;
  • Fan discharge ductwork from the outlets to the ground level;
  • Wet fly ash collection systems including all piping, fittings, valves and pipeline components.

D.E. Karn Units 1 and 2 each consisted of a pulverized coal, tangentially-fired, double furnace, single reheat, balanced draft steam generator. Each unit had a gross rating of 275.MW. Unit 2 steam generator had low NOx burners that generated flue gas for the existing system. The flue gas for each unit had parallel flow paths that passed through selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, regenerative air heaters, primary precipitators, secondary precipitators and ID fans before being discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney.
Consumers Energy Company D.E. Karn Plant
Consumers Energy Company D.E. Karn Plant

Prior to NADC mobilizing onsite, Consumers Energy modified the existing system by installing new pulse jet fabric filter (PJFF) systems, new induced draft (ID) fans, dampers, ductwork, structural steel and all other associated equipment to control emissions and treat the flue gas generated by D.E. Karn Units 1 & 2.

NADC subcontracted MPS to perform the environmental remediation of the bulk fly ash dust that was present inside the units. The ducts, precipitators and regenerative air heaters were power washed and vacuumed by MPS prior to NADC’s work. Storm sewers and catch basins located in the vicinity of the work area were covered with visqueen or filter fabric to prevent any accidental discharge into the storm system.

Because of the potential dust, NADC maintained a misting of water on the areas of the structure being demolished. Wetting the building not only eliminates dust, it also kept the chance of any fire to an absolute minimum.

Prior to performing any work, NADC secured the area with temporary 6’-0” chain link fencing with flagging on all gates. NADC conducted the demolition within the confines of the fenced area, including dismantling, material reduction, material staging, loading and truck staging. Absolutely no one was allowed to enter the demolition site without first obtaining permission from NADC.


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